This site is an expression of my devotion to those enchanting beings of the sea – merfolk, sirens, selkies, ocean spirits and all the wondrous creatures, energies and histories in the water.

I’m going to be using this site to share my own creative writing, artwork, a writing/research/travel journal of the journey I’m on to create my novel – Merren, and to discuss sea and mer-themed myths, legends, history, movies, shows, books, music, conservation and news.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and please do get in touch if you want to discuss any of it xxx


Latest Posts


Seal and Merren on a Mission

Here’s some new artwork for Merren that I created on Photoshop with a mixture of photo manipulation and digital drawing. The merren have a special relationship with seals. With their ability to control emotional energies in the water, the merren can encourage loyalty from the animals. Seals are the animals the merren are most familiar … Continue reading Seal and Merren on a Mission

New Merren Character Art

Here’s some new merren Artwork. Another character this time. On this one I’ve used real skin textures wrapped around them and I’m really happy with how it looks – getting closer to the image I want. I’ve tried to give them a hypnotic look this time as this is a character who is very skilled … Continue reading New Merren Character Art

Kitesurfers in Merren

Last weekend I took a walk on Minnis Bay with my camera and I shot some of the local kitesurfers. Anyone from – or visiting – the isle of Thanet will recognise these surfers with their colourful kites as a prominent feature of our sea views and members of our coastal community. Just like the … Continue reading Kitesurfers in Merren

The Mermaid of Black Conch: Fantastical romance, Taino myth, post-colonial Caribbean

This was a mermaid book that I was excited to read just from the setting and themes alone. When I did I really enjoyed the story, the writing in a Caribbean-English was beautiful, and the themes definitely engaged me, as did some of the discussions/debates that surround the book – I’ve been inspired by a … Continue reading The Mermaid of Black Conch: Fantastical romance, Taino myth, post-colonial Caribbean

Drawing a Water Face

Over the last few months I’ve slowly been sketching this face in the water. Writing my novel I’m always describing characters emerging, submerging, swimming, drowning, hair floating in water etc and my mind has been obsessing over the imagery of it all. So this is what’s coming out of me. Below are some progress shots … Continue reading Drawing a Water Face


If you haven’t yet seen or heard of Seaspiracy, it’s a documentary just released on Netflix that gets to the bottom of what is really harming our oceans, the enormous scale of devastation and how it’s being ignored by the biggest environmental groups and our governments in a worldwide network of vested interests against doing … Continue reading Seaspiracy


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