This site is dedicated to those creatures of the deep who enchant us with their gaze and song, to keep us spellbound and addicted to their charms – merfolk, sirens, selkies, and ocean spirits. Here I share my artwork, fiction and creative projects in honour of them. I discuss mer-themed myths and legends, history, movies, shows, books, music, entertainment and share some of my life as a mer-obsessed beachkid living on the Kent coast.


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The Deep by Rivers Solomon – A New Dimension in Aquatic Afrofuturist Mythology

. Writers have for a long time exploited the idea that mer-stories have the ability to raise important questions – ones about the limits of humanity and its porous boundaries, our relationships with the ‘other’, nature, the past, and our sense of who we are. What’s so special about The Deep by Rivers Solomon is … Continue reading The Deep by Rivers Solomon – A New Dimension in Aquatic Afrofuturist Mythology

The Mermaid of Zennor

The mermaid of Zennor is one of the most celebrated mermaid myths in Britain. The tale has inspired books, songs, poems and artworks and is known across the world. It all revolves around a late medieval carving of a mermaid in the side of a church pew, in the tiny coastal village of Zennor in … Continue reading The Mermaid of Zennor

Merren: Chapter 1

I watched them slumped on the sand bank. Two grey seals looked back at me with half-shut eyes. I turned off the engine and the noisy propeller slowed until there was just the lapping of the waves against the curved, wooden sides of the Nerma. Mr Warwick squinted at the seals through his thick, misty glasses. “Tell … Continue reading Merren: Chapter 1


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