This new(ish) site is an expression of my devotion to those enchanting beings of the sea – merfolk, sirens, selkies, ocean spirits and all the wondrous creatures, energies and histories in the water.

I’m going to be using this site to share my own artwork, fiction and creative projects, and to discuss sea and mer-themed myths, legends, history, movies, shows, books, music, conservation and news. I especially want to shine light on experiences and expressions of people of colour and contributions that deal with colonial/ post-colonial heritage within the genre and community.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and please do get in touch if you want to discuss any of it xxx


Latest Posts


Drawing a Water Face

Over the last few months I’ve slowly been sketching this face in the water. Writing my novel I’m always describing characters emerging, submerging, swimming, drowning, hair floating in water etc and my mind has been obsessing over the imagery of it all. So this is what’s coming out of me. Below are some progress shots … Continue reading Drawing a Water Face


If you haven’t yet seen or heard of Seaspiracy, it’s a documentary just released on Netflix that gets to the bottom of what is really harming our oceans, the enormous scale of devastation and how it’s being ignored by the biggest environmental groups and our governments in a worldwide network of vested interests against doing … Continue reading Seaspiracy

The Deep by Rivers Solomon – A New Dimension in Aquatic Afrofuturist Mythology

. Writers have for a long time exploited the idea that mer-stories have the ability to raise important questions – ones about the limits of humanity and its porous boundaries, our relationships with the ‘other’, nature, the past, and our sense of who we are. What’s so special about The Deep by Rivers Solomon is … Continue reading The Deep by Rivers Solomon – A New Dimension in Aquatic Afrofuturist Mythology

The Mermaid of Zennor

The mermaid of Zennor is one of the most celebrated mermaid myths in Britain. The tale has inspired books, songs, poems and artworks and is known across the world. It all revolves around a late medieval carving of a mermaid in the side of a church pew, in the tiny coastal village of Zennor in … Continue reading The Mermaid of Zennor

Merren: Chapter 1

I watched them slumped on the sand bank. Two grey seals looked back at me with half-shut eyes. I turned off the engine and the noisy propeller slowed until there was just the lapping of the waves against the curved, wooden sides of the Nerma. “Tell me, Aurellie,” Mr Warwick said as he squinted through his thick glasses, … Continue reading Merren: Chapter 1


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