New Character Artwork – Niah (and writing extract)

Here’s some new artwork for Merren showing one of the central POV characters – Niah.

I made it with photoshop using a mixture of photo editing and digital drawing with a Wacom tablet (and sometimes just my mouse). In recent imaginings the merren have taken on a slightly more human appearance than they had originally. In the book there are times when they have to disguise themselves as regular humans so their features have become a bit less seal-like. I’ve allowed them to retain the large seal-like eyes and features including their colouring and speckles. In this picture the speckles were actually taken from photos of wild dolphins and some of the other skin textures are from grey seals.

I’m really enjoying bringing my characters to life and can’t wait to do more.

About the Character

Niah is the main merren character of the book who is trying to find a way to cure the kelp forest (the merren’s home) of a poisonous energy which entered the water after a drowning gone wrong. Due to the merren’s sensitivity to energies carried in the water, it’s too dangerous for the oldest and most vulnerable members of the commune to remain, so they migrate for the ancient banks. Niah is left behind and cut off from the vital shared energies of the commune (the worst punishment in merren society) and is forbidden from rejoining until the forestwaters have been cured. The extract below might give some sense of Niah’s character and situation, and explain why the task to cure the waters of the poisonous energy seems so impossible.


Extract from one of Niah’s POV chapters in the book

I swim as fast as I can towards the sound of the surface rider until I see the shadow of it through the rain on the surface. I think it could be the one I’m looking for, the one who spilled the awful memory in the forest waters. I can feel a duller version of what comes in the surges, but it’s mixed in among so many other dry-walker energies here. Chasing, I hope it is the one. I dread what I will have to do when I catch them, but I’m running out of options. I don’t think I will be able to set off the drowning light properly, I haven’t tried since the child, but if I couldn’t do it then, why would I be able to now?

The surface rider is fast, I can’t catch it. But I see the circles it makes, the marks above where it’s gone around and around. I stop and watch it go but before it returns I swim down to the bottom and find two rocks, as big as I can hold in each hand, one of them sharp. I can’t believe what I’m planning. Rocks. So undignified and primitive. I feel a disgrace to all the powers I inherited at my birth, but if I can’t set off the light, I’ll need a backup plan. The roaring sound gets louder. I steady myself as the surface rider nears and when it passes over me I launch the blunt rock into the part of it that sucks the water. It crunches and I clutch the sharp rock in my hand as the roaring sound stops. The surface rider spins and I follow as it moves in unpredictable directions until it tips over. The dry-walker comes down and I stop to watch for a moment, making sure I am behind them. The surface rider has landed on top of them and they can’t swim. They’re floating below the surface and holding their hip through their suit that looks like our skin. I know the dry-walkers wear them to stop the warmth of their bodies from leaving into the water. But the suits don’t stop fear and panic from spilling through, or the pain of a broken hip. Not broken, just hurt I correct myself. I feel it all immediately and I have to stop myself from leaping out of the water onto the upturned surface rider just to get a way from it. It’s the fear that hurts the most and it spreads and multiplies on every wave and current faster than I could swim out of its range. I have to stop it quickly before my body goes into shock.

I float behind the dry-walker and reach for the drowning light inside them. I can’t doubt myself or it won’t work, but isn’t that why I’m holding this rock? Because I doubted myself from the beginning? I know they’ve breathed the water but I still have to get through their panic and find the light inside them. It feels like reaching into water that’s been boiled by the heat beneath the bed of the deep ocean. I try as hard as I can, focusing my energies on the place where they keep their light, deep inside, but I can’t reach it. I know this dry-walker isn’t the one now I’ve felt enough of them, but I can’t let them fill me with any more of their awful fear, and I know their drowning light might still help me. If I can absorb it I’ll be stronger. I will it to burst out of them and make them calm. I want to feel their drowning light and know that I can do what I’m supposed to, that what happened to that child was just a one-time mistake. 

I can’t concentrate with so much fear in the water. Maybe I should turn them around and look in their eyes, to reach it more easily, but I’m afraid. The child looked at me with so much horror in their eyes when I drowned them without the light and I’m still damaged from it. If it happens to me again I won’t survive it. If I keep trying to reach the light from behind the dry-walker will I manage it? But I don’t have time anymore, their awful fear is poisoning me too much. I go to strike with the rock but the dry-walker is pulled by something else and I miss. Something above has pulled them up and out of the water. More dry-walkers. A boat. I can’t risk being seen. I drop the rock and take cover behind some weeds as the horrible fear dissolves into the vastness of the water, becoming just another bad-tasting memory in the waves. I failed to set off the drowning light again. There’s definitely something wrong with me. How in all the sea am I supposed to fix our waters, when I can’t summon the one thing that might give us a chance?

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  1. What a beautiful creature Niah is xx

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