Seal and Merren

Here’s some new artwork for Merren that I created on Photoshop with a mixture of photo manipulation and digital drawing.

The merren have a special relationship with seals. With their ability to control emotional energies in the water, the merren can encourage loyalty from the animals. Seals are the animals the merren are most familiar with and it’s easy for them to absorb and understand seal memories and emotions in the water. Some of the merren are even able to establish such strong connections with the seals that they can experience their memories as they are created and leaked into the water – effectively seeing through their eyes. The merren can also send them emotional signalsand memories to the seals to control their behaviours.

There are some scenes where merren characters use the seals to spy or disguise themselves, or venture on land to deliver messages or perform other tasks. When they must go close to land and risk being seen, the merren bring the seals with them, so that dry walkers might think it’s only the animals they’ve spotted in the water.

This merren has brought a seal with them on a mission to spy on a dry-walker whose energy in the water has caused a disturbance that has to be balanced at any cost.

If you like this artwork or are interested in these ideas, follow me on instagram @merstruck_

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